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The total control of copper in its raw form is the basis for the consistent quality of the Aurubis-group's products: The Aurubis AG in Hamburg casts from pure cathodes rolled copper plates and then sends them to Schwermetall Halbzeug GmbH & Co. KG, which is a 50% owned subsidiary of Aurubis Stolberg.

Schwermetall produces pre-rolled strip and is the world-wide leading pre-roller with a special foundry for copper alloys.
Aurubis Stolberg's cold-rolling mill and its foundry for special alloys supply the finished products: Rolled and drawn products, which fulfil the extremely high demands with regard to precision and accuracy.

The quality management system which is certified in accordance with IATF and ISO 9001, the sytematic energy magnagement in accordance with ISO 50001 as well as the high degree of competence and commitment on part of our employees guarantee consistently high standards regarding our products and the protection of our environment.

From the ore concentrate to strip or wire - the Aurubis AG as Europe's largest copper manufacturer covers at 16 locations the complete value-added chain of the copper manufacturing process. It offers its clients copper products at all stages of the production process.

Aurubis, Schwermetall and Aurubis Stolberg - these companies form the uninterrupted chain of quality within the Aurubis-group, which you can place your trust in.
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