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Welcome to the career section of Aurubis
Stolberg GmbH & Co. KG

You are looking for a job with challenging tasks that offers you a big scope of development opportunities? Aurubis Stolberg offers you the challenges of a medium-sized company and the future perspectives of a corporate group. As a medium-sized company we depend upon flexible, motivated and responsible colleagues who are able to work in a team in order to have a strong position as a competitor in the field of innovations.

Only satisfied and motivated employees are able to apply their know-how with outstanding results and develop new ideas. We therefore offer you attractive compensation, social benefits, health promotion and multifaceted Human Resources development programme. Together we work out your individual career plan and support you in realising your objectives by means of:

  • Mentorship systems that helps you to better find into the new job
  • Personnel development talks
  • Long-term career planning
  • Coaching programmes for the executive staff members
  • Consistent review of individual aims and the present development status
  • Individual career advancement depending on the requirements
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We look forward to you becoming part of our team!